Random thought. Given that the internet is such a fertile playground for people with no expertise in statistical analysis, but people mistrust institutional expertise, I wonder how we might ascertain someone's fitness for the task. Does some kind of independently verified credential, recorded on the block chain, have a future solution role?

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I found one other amusing thing about El Gato Malo. He's a writer at Brownstone:


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Holy cherry picked data batman!

That is a very strange choice of countries, and wouldn't appear to compare like for like in other ways. Why did you choose those?I feel it would be far better to focus on Eastern versus Western European countries instead of the grab bag that you chose.

Also which countries were using mRNA vaccines, versus the attenuated virus (I believe the Chinese one was like this) and Adenovirus vectors (and their associated blood clots).

Spain does seem to be an outlier, and a lot of your article focuses on that. Why not Columbia, which seems to be an outlier in the other direction?

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